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Doomsday When?

Saturday May 21st 2011 over 1 million people are expecting to leave planet Earth for a much better place… or so they believe. Do the rest of us have anything to worry about? Are we going to find ourselves in a world falling apart before our very eyes come Sunday May 22sd? Did all the other Religions miss something from the Almighty and are doomed along with the rest of the world? 

There are Doomsday Prophecies in every culture, the one which we know best is from the Bible and the Book of Revelation. The Book of Revelation, offers 22 chapters of future prophecy, about 40% of which seams to have come to pass in the last 100 years. Which raises the question when are the rest of the Prophecies going to come to pass if Doomsday is only a few days away.

Most people believe there needs to be an Anti-Christ, who would deceive the world and be its king, so there was suppose to be an Anti-Christ where is the Anti-Christ? If this Anti-Christ is to be King of the World, we would need a “One World Kingdom” or “One World Government”, a “New World Order”. So where is the evidence of a Global Government, can the United Nations qualify as the Government of the World? Last I checked the United States had a pretty good handle on dominating the world, although China is making the United States take note, there is NO One World Government.

Revelation 13: Speaks of a Wild Beast which forces everyone in the world to serve and worship it and take its mark. With the world under attack from all sides, economic, political and environmental, it make take a New World Order to fix the many issues we are faced with and that maybe the game plan of the Global Elite Bankers who control world finance. However we see no world government ruling us now.

Another major Prophecy is in Revelation 17 which says that the “Wild Beast” becomes an 8th King and is joined by the Kings of the World to rule as One, they together turn on Religion and destroy it. Religion as we understand it will not exist under a Global Government. We can see today, Religion is alive and well. Even with the scandals of the Church, there is no shortage of “Believers”.

Among the Prophecies of Revelation which have come true are Revelation 8: 8-9 which states “Something like a great burning mountain was thrown into the sea…”, looking back at the BP Gulf of Mexico disaster, that is exactly what we saw. 

Revelation 8: 10-11 speaks of a star called Wormwood poisoning 1/3 of the drinking water and many people died from drinking these waters. Is it any coincidence that the Russian name for “Wormwood” is “Chernobyl” and now Japan has its own Chernobyl now with Fukushima, which has been pouring out radiation constantly for more then two months, poisoning the air and water in the Northern Hemisphere.

Revelation 16:3 tells us that the sun is going to be given the power to scorch the men. NASA is telling us that the Solar Maximum to take place from 2012 through 2013 is going to be one of the most damaging solar cycles ever, because our electric system is at risk from solar flairs and EMPs (Electro Magnetic Pulse).

Revelation 6 tells us of the Four Horsemen who make their ride and cause War, Famine, Plague and Death through out the world. The events of the 20th Century saw a death toll which could approach 1 Billion people due to World War and Geo-political issues and is with out a doubt the bloodiest Century in recorded history.  In the 21st Century we are facing something we have never faced Earth Changes causing weather patterns to change. We have seen unpredictable weather patterns all over the world, causing flooding in some areas and extreme drought in other places. Crops either can not be planted because of flooding, or they are planted and die, because of drought. We have seen a rise in plague and with the H1N1 pandemic we all became very aware of viruses and vaccines and the ever present threat of a world wide pandemic.

Matthew Chapter 24 goes into an extensive list of things which must occur, including wars, earthquakes, food shortage all on an unprecedented level, but there is one thing which Jesus said which really applies to this issue of Doomsday, in Matthew 24:4 the first thing Jesus told his disciples about the “Last Days” was this; “Look out that nobody misleads you; for many will come on the basis of my name…and will mislead many.”

Yes we are in very critical times and there are many issues we must deal with on a day to day basis, this world cares more about money then people or God and major unrest for many reasons exists around the world, but Doomsday is NOT Saturday!

RELAX, catch your breath and have a great weekend, you earned it!

For more information on Last Days Prophecies, read Prophecies Fulfilled at our web sight

Is the United States in the UFO Business?

Top Secret UFO Development Sight Found

 At the end of World War II, the United States captured Top Secret Nazi “Black Programs” and the Nazi scientist who worked on them. Under “Operation Paperclip”, the Nazi scientist were secretly moved to the United States and the programs were restarted.

The most famous of the captured scientist and technology was Werner Von Braun and his rocket technology, which eventually put the United States ahead of the Soviet Union in the Space Race. A lesser known project was known as the “Nazi Bell”.
The Nazi Bell was an anti-gravity device, which the Nazis were developing into a “super weapon” to use against the Allied Forces. It is thought that most of the people who worked on the “Bell” project were executed under order of Adolf Hitler and the underground laboratory blown up and sealed.
Evidently not all those working on the project were executed and information about the project was captured, along what is thought to be a working model of the actual “Nazi Bell”. It is believed by many who have researched the information on the “Bell Project”, that it was the first step to developing a “Flying Saucer” and indeed there are captured drawings which have been released that show “Saucer” type aircraft.
The only remnants of the Nazi Bell project which still exist today, can be found near the village of Ludwikowice in southern Poland. There you can see what is called the “Flytrap”, which is were testing of the anti-gravity device is said to have taken place. (See picture below)
Has the United States Military been developing UFOs under “Black Project” status? It very well looks that way! The same type building as the Flytrap can be seen on US soil! It is well hidden from public view, but not well enough.
Google Maps Satellite mode, provides enough resolution to get a pretty good idea of what is going on at the Supper Top Secret Dugway Proving Ground, which is believed to be the replacement for “Area 51”. When searching the “Proving Grounds” using Google Maps you can see the same type building as the Nazi’s Flytrap only much larger. It is about 200 feet in diameter and appears to stand close to 100 feet high, compared to the scale on the page. The Flytrap looks like the bull’s eye of a giant dartboard on the ground, just to the west of Michael’s Air Force Base.
How far has the Military come in the development of UFO’s is unknown, however many suspect we are really talking Star Wars type craft, which have been seen and reported as Alien UFO’s
Now the “Alien Story” makes sense! What a great idea to hide in plain sight and blame everything on “Little Green Men”.  Is it any wonder that the Military’s official investigation into UFOs, “Project Blue Book”, was closed and it was concluded that UFOs do not pose a threat. The Military was investigating its own UFO “Black Project”.
With all those in the UFO-Alien community waiting for “Disclosure” and for the Government to come clean and tell us everything they know regarding UFOs and Aliens, the disappointment could be greater then NASA’s big news that earth bacteria can use cyanide to replace phosphorous. No one would believe that the whole time we were waiting for ET to save our planet, it was really the Military developing advanced “space craft” to destroy it.
People connected with the Military Complex coming forward and claiming to have information about, or from Aliens, must all come into question as to the viability of the information. This could well be “planted misinformation” to keep the real Military agenda of UFOs, more of an “Alien” thing then a domestic Military Black Project.
This brings us to the final questions. Why is the Military developing UFOs anyway? Could we be getting ready for some secret alien invasion, or is just another way to control “We the People”?

Prophecies of Revelation and their Modern Day Applications!

Revelation 6:1-8... Wars, food shortage, plagues and death on an unprecedented level (starting with WWI).

Revelation8: 8 & 9... Something like a great burning mountain was thrown into the sea 1/3 of the sea becomes like blood and the sea life dies. GULF OF MEXICO.

Revelation 8: 10-11… Pollution of water supply, Drinking water made unfit to drink.

Revelation8: 12 … Air pollution to the point of causing the air to become clouded with toxic chemicals to the point that the sky is blocked, (Look at any major city)

Revelation 12: 9... A "Great Reptilian" is cast down to earth with his army. ( reports of UFOs and Aliens)

Revelation 13: 1… League of Nations created out of the sea of turmoil of World War I.(Supported and backed by the Zionist Rothschild banking family)

Revelation 13: 3 … Nazis give a death blow to the League of Nations,United Nations is formed after World War II and the death blow is healed, United Nations is supported as the way to world peace. ( Nazis were supported by the Catholic Church in an effort to extend the rule of the Church over Zionism)

Revelation13: 11… United States-UK emerge as a world power, speaking peace, but waging war. They are called “the False Prophet”. (Prior to WW II the United States came under control of the Federal Reserve Bank, a Rothschild family owned bank)

Revelation 13: 12… United States and United Kingdom control the United Nations. (This was clearly evident in both “Gulf Wars” and the world war on terrorism)

Revelation 13: 13… United States develops atomic warfare, can “call down fire from heaven”.  

Revelation 13: 14…  US-UK, misleads world into war on terrorism via 9-11.  April 11th 2010 President Obama, give speech; “If terrorist set off a nuclear bomb, world security will change…” Support for New World Order, a “One World Government”.

Revelation13: 15… New World Order is formed and takes power and control of all nations and people, killing those who do not submit to its rule. (FEMA Death Camps)

Revelation13: 16-17… New World Order enslaves population, changes banking system,must have N.W.O. ID to buy or sell, possible micro chipping.

Revelation13: 18… The number of the Wild Beast is given 666, this is a “Man’s”number, who are the men behind the formation of the League of Nations, the United Nations and the New World Order?

Revelation 16: 2… Rebellion against those who support the New World Order.

Revelation 16: 3...  These becomes as the blood of a dead man and everything living in it dies. More problems with pollution in the worlds oceans, oil, methane explosions, toxic problems from the Gulf of Mexico as the pollution spreads?

Revelation 16: 4… Drinking water totally polluted, clean water hard to find.

Revelation16: 8-9... Solar storms increase (see NASA reports) resulting in major problems here on earth, extreme weather changes, radiation effecting microchips, computers, fail world wide, cell phones are useless,communication is halted, stocks, financials, crash, causing great loss for the Ruling Elite, who control the world.   

Revelation 16: 12... Iraq's power destroyed making way for Iran’s power to grow and the rise of Islam against the west.

Revelation 16: 13... Three calls for war in the Middle East supported by the United Nations, the United States and United Kingdom. (We have seen 2 wars already against Iraq, who will number 3 be for, Iran as it becomes a nuclear power?

Revelation 16: 14... Nations are gathered together (supported by UN or NWO) for last war in Middle East, leads to Armageddon.

Revelation 17:3… Religion’s control of world governments, shown by a prostitute riding the Wild Beast.

Revelation 17: 12-14... Governments of the world unite and support the 8th King, the Wild Beast of the New World Order.

Revelation 17: 16… The New World Order destroys world religion and ends its influence in governmental affairs.

Revelation 19: 1-16… An extra-terrestrial army appears for the battle of Armageddon.

Revelation 19:19… Kings of the World under the rule of the New World Order are gathered together for the War of Armageddon.

Revelation19:20-21… The New World Order, and the US-UK alliance are both destroyed while very much in power. The Militaries of the world and the supporters of the One World Government are killed.

Revelation20:1-3… The Great Reptilian, who influenced the world’s governments and his army are defeated, captured and taken away.

Revelation20: 4-6… The survivors of Armageddon are governed by an“Extra-terrestrial government” for 1000 years, to complete our “paradigm shift” to an advanced peace loving society. During this time our DNA is repaired.

Revelation 20: 7-10… A final test of humans to ensure the paradigm shift has taken, those who fail the test are destroyed.

Revelation21… The paradigm shift is completed, we are accepted into the family of other advanced life forms and are taught new technologies for the next step in human development.

Revelation22… Humans live in a “blessed” condition and our advancement is cared for and directed indefinitely, by the entity, we call “God”.



The Human Race does Survive Armageddon.

You can be part of it!

“Letters to Earth You Can Survive Armageddon!”

Earthquakes Everywhere. Prophecy Fulfilled.

 "...and there will be earthquakes in one place after another..."

- Matthew 24:7.

The Horizon Project

Prophecy Fulfilled

 "...and something like a burning mountain was thrown into the sea and a third of the sea turned to blood and a third of the creatures died..."

- Revelation 8:8-9.

Commentary on the Gulf Oil Spill

When you look at our planet earth from space, you see a blue and green gem, unlike any other planet we know and somehow we seam to be determined to destroy it and ourselves too. While we have attacked this planet many times, the attack that made in the Gulf of Mexico is one that will bring us to our knees and do more to change our life than is fully understood at this time.
For almost 2 months, we have dumped over 1,000,000 tones of oil into our environment and there is no end in sight! BP seams to have taken this very well, they provided the finger pointing and have placed  blame on others and is seeking a limited liability from the U.S. courts, in having to fix and pay for the worst disaster to ever strike our planet!
The real magnitude of this will not be understood for years to come, there are some things we do know already and when you examine the short-term result of this oil spill, it is not only shocking, it is deadly.

The Gulf of Mexico for all intensive purposes is dead, or soon will be. The oil, now being picked up by the Gulf Stream is off on its trip up the eastern seaboard and off to the coasts of Europe. France, the Netherlands, England, Ireland, really the whole North Atlantic can expect this deadly plague to reach their shores in the coming months and it will not stop until there is no more oil coming out of this well.
There is a bigger problem though, not only is the oil coming out of BP’s well, it appears that there are rouge oil blooms in different areas of the Gulf which appear to be the result of fracturing in the earth’s crust on the ocean bottom. This poses a bigger problem because this oil deposit sits at the end of the Mississippi fault line. Some think that this area of the Gulf can collapse, setting off the fault line from the Gulf of Mexico all the way to the Great Lakes. It is thought if there is a fracture of this fault it could release a wall of water from the Great Lakes, that could reach 600 feet high and 20 miles wide. The resulting destruction to U.S. infrastructure and loss of life is something from which this country would never recover.
While the fracturing of the Mississippi fault line maybe the extreme, this is the reality, 40,000,000 people along the Gulf of Mexico are exposed to cancer causing chemicals from the oil and toxic compounds that are expelled along with it. Our family, friends, all those living along the Gulf Coast are being dealt the hand of death! The oil is not just the problem, as the wave action and sun evaporate the lighter compounds the cancer causing agents become airborne and the wind blows the deadly fumes right on shore and into the lungs of everyone and everything still alive. Worse yet, we are now in “hurricane season” should the winds and tides blow the oil deep inland, the ground it self will become unusable and unfit for human habitation. The remnants of 40,000,000 people will have to relocate to other parts of the United States, or the world. Forget about the environmental impact of this spill and look at the “Human Impact”! Do you relocate 40,000,000 people, or let them die where they stand? What do you think our government will do?
 When you look at the long-term impact that this will have on the Untied States, our life as we understand it now will soon be over! What will it cost to clean this disaster up? Can we afford to clean it up? Where could we even get the money to clean this up and relocate the people who will need to be relocated? These questions have no answers because there is no end in sight to the release of the oil. Even if this well is capped and the oil stopped, they have fractured the earth and it is bleeding oil in many places.
We know only a few facts about how this happened, the first fact is that the CEO of BP Oil started selling a third of his BP stock in the weeks before this happened. We know that there was an explosion killing many of the workers on the drilling platform. We know that somehow 7 hours of video surveillance taken before the explosion are missing. The conspiracies are already being bantered back and forth as to who and why. Will we ever know the truth? I doubt it! Do we know the truth about 9-11? Do we know the truth of the assassination of JFK? No and we never will, but this we do know! Look at the players involved in this disaster. They are all part of the “Global Elite” people who believe they live above the law. These are the same people, who tell us to conserve resources, “Think Green”! The truth is, these same people have built a world dependant on oil and they are in the process of destroying the planet and us along with it and will do anything to keep us under their rule! By bringing the people of United States to our knees, we can then be easily manipulated into becoming part of their New World Order.
Many people have asked me about Revelation 16:3 “Then the second Angel poured out his bowl upon the sea and it became like the blood of a corpse. And everything in the sea died.” While this spill is too small right now to kill the oceans, there is also no end insight and sooner or later we are going to reach the point where, YES this could be infact the angel pouring out his plague on the oceans. One thing is sure, the loss of sea life will be unprecedented, this will cause problems for years to come and as is recorded at Matthew 24:8 “All these things are a beginning of the horrors to come!”
One thing is for sure as stated in Revelation 11:18 “And you will destroy all those causing destruction in the earth.” This scripture must come true if the human race is to survive!


How close do you think we are to Armageddon?

"Then the second angel poured out his bowl on the sea, and it became as the BLOOD OF A DEAD MAN. And everything in the sea died." Revelation 16:3

Could this be the start of the things leading to Armageddon?



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